The Other Side Of the Screen

Let’s talk Instagram. We all have different reasons for using it. Those tiny little boxes where we share our lives. Our manicured lives. Our stunningly styled children, where we can share our favourite online shops, and where word gets around about small businesses that we love. 

Where we can share photos, and lust over each other’s houses and gush over each other’s children. But there’s something else that inadvertently came with the mummy fashion community that I found. Something that we sometimes miss in every day life.

Support. This past year, through the brand repping, the competitions and ambassadorships, I have found these amazing mamas that share the same interest as me will stand up and be there for you no matter what.  Hey, you’re having a bad month? Here’s a surprise package to turn up in your letterbox. You found success in something? I’ll listen to your EXCITED raves. You got a gig representing a brand you are a huge supporter of? I’ll stand by you (while 18 hours away) and cheer and have a glass of wine to celebrate! You’ve started a blog? I’ll read the shit out of it! Considering we live in a time where women are tearing each other down only to uplift themselves, I applaud the women who can stand by their fellow sisters and support them endlessly. Imagine how amazing our world would be if everyone treated one another like this. Imagine what we could achieve! 

In this crazy and busy real life world, we have our friends and family and they’re great. But there’s some thing comforting about having someone on the other side of a screen, in a different state or even country, that you can talk to basically whenever you pick up your phone. During your hard times or best times. 

This community had blown me away with the amount of hands reaching out to one another lately. There’s no jealousy. No bitchiness. No drama. (That I’ve seen lol..) it is truly women helping women. Mothers standing by mothers. And I am so grateful for every single one of you. 

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