Picture perfect? 

I keep getting a heap of compliments on my photos lately, asking what camera I use. So I just want to throw it out there, I use my iPhone 6s+ and edit with FaceTune. It’s a wonder what adjusting the lighting and temp of a photo can do. Oh and occasionally the use of a defocus tool. From a warm, sunset photo to a crisp, cool and sharp close up. But for every 1 amazing photo that comes out of it, I have about 2537738 reeeeeally shitty looking ones 😂 ones that cannot be saved by adjusting the lighting, or the temp or even sharpening. So yes, you see some pretty amazing photos on my account (YOUR words not mine 😂😂) but then you don’t see the millions of grainy, blurry shots with terrible lighting. 💞 I really contemplated posting this, because I want the magic to stay alive. But I just want to make it clear, sometimes it’s not just point and shoot and my photos look good. It does happen a fair bit, where I only have to brighten the photo and I’m happy with it. But occasionally it needs a heap of adjusting because the sun is behind the person I’m photographing, or there’s shadows or its just too dark. I’ve copped shit in the past for editing photos because apparently it’s a bad example for my kids, but isn’t that what professional photographers do? They adjust lighting and edit their photos so you have a piece of art. I’m not making my kids skinnier or taller, just making the photo better quality. Anyway, I like the photos I create and I hope you all do too. 💞

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