Silent Disco by Party Higher.

Having a party can be overwhelming for any child, but especially those with sensory issues or ASD. So when we heard about Silent Disco parties, I was intrigued.

Much like the dance featured on the hit Netflix show, Atypical; a silent disco entails music and a DJ played through headsets, controlled by the wearer.

Party Higher is an event company that specialises in silent disco parties for parties, corporate events, schools and more.

We had James from Party Higher throw us a silent disco party. We did plan on having it outside but unfortunately for us, Melbourne had some nasty weather ruin our outdoor hopes!

Even with this spanner thrown in the works, James managed to get the kids excited and ran the party without a hitch! He showed the kids how to use the headsets, and they were all stoked about the glowing lights on them.

Once the music started, there was no stopping the fun! Elsa was even singing at the top of her lungs, much to the parents amusement. Of course we could hear her singing but not the music itself. It was so fun yet such a strange experience watching them party to music that we couldn’t hear.

They played so many games, and James could instruct them through the headsets due to the microphone he wore. The kids played duck duck goose, hide and seek, musical statues, (that was hilarious to watch!) And the classic favourite, Limbo. We had disco lights, a smoke machine, and the kids took time out when they needed it. In fact, our eldest, Dex went and had some alone time in his room but still had his headset on so he knew what was going on and could join back in once he recharged.

All in all, our silent disco was amazing. The kids thought it was brilliant, the parents thought it was a great novelty- and this mum of 3 ASD kids thinks it is the most amazing, inclusive way of having a party. I can’t thank Party Higher enough for their amazing customer service and awesome silent disco.

For more info you can visit

Or call 1300 734 726

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